Things an Office Assistant Should Know Before Calling Tech Support

Administrative and other office assistants are often the ones left with the responsibility of calling technical support when there are computer issues in the office.  Others in the office may think that this is a very simple job but if you are not prepared with the required information before you call, a phone conversation with tech support can get very long.  It can also be very trying on the patience of the technical support staff on the other end of the phone if you do not have the information that they need in order to answer your questions and help you to find a solution.

There are two main types of technical support that your office may require.  One type is that which relates to the computer itself.  The other type of technical support you may need is related to the software that your computer is running.  When you make a phone call to get tech support you should know what kind of computer issue you are dealing with.

To make your phone calls for technical support go faster and to get better answers here are some of the things you should know before you put in the call:

  • Do some routine checks – make sure that you are hooked up securely everywhere; make sure your Internet it running properly; restart your computer (you would be amazed at how many things restarting your computer will fix!).
  • Be able to tell them exactly what the problem is.  “The computer isn’t working properly” is not going to help the staff on the other end of the call.  Have some details.  Know when it is that the problem occurs.  Does it only happen when you are logging on or does it happen when you are in a specific program?  If the problem happens when you are in a specific program you should likely be talking to people who deal with that software – not general computer technical support.
  • Be ready to follow instructions – the technical support team is likely to ask you to go into different areas of your computer.  You should know where to find your Control Panel and you should know what is in your Control Panel area.  In order to narrow down the problem they are likely to give you directions like this.
  • Be ready to jot down some notes.  Many computer issues are quite easy to fix and if you write down some basis instructions and keep them in a safe place you will have them ready  in case this happens again in the future.
  • They may ask for you IP number – do you know what that is?  Do you know how to find it?
  • Be ready to give them information like the brand of computer that you have, the RAM capacity, how much free space is available on your hard drive, and the processor type.  These types information will help them decide what instructions they should give you.
  • Know what kind of antivirus program you are using and when it was last updated.  Computer programs are often related to software that has not been updated properly or has had a recent update that has resulted in a change in the settings.

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